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Hashtag Generator

Have you ever been tweeting or instagramming and you want to add some hashtags but don't know what's out there?

Well, for authors, Kindlepreneur ( has created a Hashtag Generator. Go to 'Apps' to find the generator then indicate the social media venue you're using and who you're trying to target and, BOOM!, a long list of hashtags are listed. Pick and choose the ones you want.

For example, say you're working on Twitter and want your tweet to reach readers and popular genres. Simply select them from the options below,... 'Generate Suggestions', and... voila!

(This is just a partial list!!!)

You can build a list of hashtags you want to include in your tweet. Simply select the ones you want, click 'Add Hashtags' then 'Copy Your Hashtags'. Paste them into your tweet and away you go. You don't have to type each one in...this is a real timesaver.

Pretty cool, right!?!

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