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I Believe (1)...

I'm starting a new blog category. I'm titling it 'I Believe' and will post various things I believe.

I decided to start with KINDNESS.

Despite everything that is going on in this country and in this world, I believe that people are basically kind. Kindness exists all around us. We don't always see it, especially on the news, because nice stories don't sell.

But kindness is more prevalent than the media would have us believe.

We tend to see it the most when there's a tragedy or disaster. For example, I remember during the Katrina hurricane, strangers were helping each other. People with boats took them out and rescued people from their roof tops. Others carried the elderly from their homes to dry land, or to a boat that would take them someplace safe.

Simple or complex, inexpensive or a lot of money, for a friend or for a stranger, below are just a few examples of kindness:

* Pay lunch for first responders.

* Carry the groceries to the car for someone who is struggling.

* Give up your seat on the bus for someone who needs to sit, and stand during the ride.

* Swap plane seats with someone who wants to sit next to the loved one who's sitting next to you.

* Smile at a stranger.

* Listen to your grandparents talk about times past and their youth. Ask questions. Engage with them.

* Take a friend or family member to the doctor's when they can't drive themself, even if it's not convenient for you.

* Assist strangers after you witness an accident.

* If someone is in trouble, don't stand by with your phone, filming what you see. Help instead.

* Buy a sandwich (or a blanket, or a coffee,...) for a homeless person. Sit and talk with them while they eat.

First and foremost, be kind to yourself. It's far too easy to berate ourselves, for whatever reason. That is counter-productive and does nothing but bring you down. Instead, look at all of the amazing things about you and celebrate THAT.

There are so many things we can do, and things I see and do myself, that shows kindness to others (and to ourselves).

Post any kind acts have you seen or done recently and let's fill the world with kindness.

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