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Inspiration from Running (1)

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

It's been awhile since I've posted. Talk about a crazy year with COVID-19!! Actually, this was a perfect time to be posting...ah well, even the best laid plans...

I've always been a runner. I love how I feel when I run (and when the run is over). :) There's no other exercise quite like it. And I especially enjoy running in new places. It's a great way to explore.

I ran cross country and competed in the 880, mile and 2 mile in high school track. My best mile was 5:08 and my best 2 mile, 11:12. In college, I ran cross country and track, running the 1500m once, the 3000m a few times, but mostly the 5000m (my freshman year). In that one 1500m race, I ran 4:42 (equivalent to a 5:02 mile). I wanted to run it more because I knew I could go under 4:40. But coach moved me to the longer races (boo). I ran cross country my sophomore year but did not compete in track (I wasn't interested in the 5000m plus I wanted to focus on my studies). I ran off and on after college (mostly off), picking it up again on a regular basis when I joined the Navy.

Jose and I met while running 29 years ago, and one of our greatest joys was running together. We enjoyed so many great runs together, usually 5-6 miles, the 5000m in road races (ironically)! We both stopped about 17yrs ago because his knees were bad and we wanted to preserve them. We switched to biking, walking, swimming, lots of other sports. But our first love was always running.

When we moved to Blanco, 3 yrs ago, we were busy every day building our house. Not much time for aerobic exercising. So after we moved in (mid-Nov 2017), I decided to start running again to get back in shape. It felt weird without Jose, initially, still does actually. It took a long time but eventually, my pace improved. I'm now running an 8min average pace for 4-5 miles comfortably, not bad for an almost 59 yr old. (LOL)

Running isn't for everyone but moving in some way can, and should, be. Whether running, walking, swimming, or any other activity, moving regularly helps the heart and body and keeps us strong (so important to do as we age).

I want to take my running further and improve my time even more. Next goal is to get to a 7min average pace. We'll see how it goes. I'll have an update with my next post.

Good luck in whatever form of moving you choose. You've got this!

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