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I'm so glad you've stopped by my site for a visit.  There's information about my books, of course, but I share snippets of my life with my thoughts in my blog and bio, and the events calendar lists any upcoming appearances.

My first trilogy, the Mali Hooper Thriller trilogy, is complete and I'm working on a new series called the Texas Hill Country Murders.  Where Mali's story was sequential from books 1 through 3, this next series will focus on different characters and stories (with some overlap between them), all set in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  So they will be stand alone books that you can read in any order.  The new series also stays on the mystery/suspense side of the genre, leaving the thriller aspect out for the most part.

Book 1 - Four Minutes of Darkness - is now available on Amazon in digital and paperback formats.  The paperback is also available through Barnes & Nobles.

Sign up for my monthly newsletter below so you can stay in touch with news and happenings in my world, and if you'd like me to attend your book club to discuss one of my books or speak at your club, feel free to reach out via the Contact page.

Thanks again for your visit.  Take care!

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The digital version of all 3 books is now
available on Amazon for 30% off!

                  If                                                                        Every person,

            you will                                                             all the events of your life

        practice being fictional                                         are there because you have

           for a while, you will understand                              drawn them there.

          that fictional characters are                                                         What you choose

             sometimes more real than                                                             to do with them is

                   people with bodies                                                                    up to you.

                         and heartbeats.

                                                                ~ Richard Bach, Illusions

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