Writing and publishing a book was a dream of mine that I was never sure would happen.  #HuntedLives, my debut novel, was such fun to write. My husband and I used to live in Myrtle Beach but would travel to Texas quite frequently to visit our grandkids. We don't mess around when we get in the car, so the 20 hour drive was always made in one day.  I wrote the bulk of #HuntedLives on the road.  Now it's available in paperback and digital on Amazon.


Mali's story continues with #JusticePrevails, the exciting sequel to #HuntedLives.  Also available on Amazon.

I'm happy to say that the 3rd book in the trilogy is done.  It is currently in the editing phase and I am on track for publishing it in September.​  Get ready for the exciting conclusion to Mali's story.

I have added an audio clip for #HuntedLives and for #JusticePrevails.  Scroll down to listen to the first scene of Chapter One (they're also on the Books page). 

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Listen to the first scene of Chapter 1

                  If                                                                        Every person,

            you will                                                             all the events of your life

        practice being fictional                                         are there because you have

           for a while, you will understand                              drawn them there.

          that fictional characters are                                                         What you choose

             sometimes more real than                                                             to do with them is

                   people with bodies                                                                    up to you.

                         and heartbeats.

                                                                ~ Richard Bach, Illusions

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Listen to the first scene of Chapter 1
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