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Candy Crush. Fortnite. Big Buck Hunter. App games have taken the world by storm. What would happen, if one of those endless supply of games was copycatted in real life? You're about to find out.

Two murders, an undercover agent and a housewife.
Different cities, different weapons.
Related only by a medically-precise cut behind the ear and a calling card on the chest of each

And the killing has only just begun.

FBI Tactical Intelligence Analyst Mali Hooper delves into the case with Special Agent Jacob Black and, as the murders stack up with the same M.O., they make the chilling discovery that each murder is broadcast on social media. The public loves it and clamors for more!

When they discover the true reason behind the carnage, Mali begins to question her faith in humankind. That faith is put to the ultimate test. . .because the hunter now becomes the hunted.

LISTEN to #HuntedLives now, and don’t miss the pulse-pounding action that will have you on the edge-of-your-seat from start to finish.

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