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Agent Mali Hooper is back!

Mali is working with boyfriend and Special Agent, Jacob Black, on a sinister case where pedophiles and human traffickers, the most perverse members of society, are being brutally killed.

The person behind the murders, a woman calling herself Justitia, broadcasts the murders on social media and invites the public to participate. They love it and jump at the chance to be involved, feeling that justice is prevailing.

But is it?

Hot on the trail of Justitia, Mali and Jake use a new tool with questionable legal and ethical ramifications, not looking too closely at whether the ends justify the means. While the tool helps in unexpected ways, Justitia manages to stay one step ahead of them. She continually taunts Mali and the FBI for their inability to stop her, questioning why they would even do so given the service she is providing.

Mali begins to wonder why herself as her past collides with her present life. When her beliefs are put to the ultimate test, Mali must make a choice. In the end, will justice prevail?

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Mali Hooper is a rebel. Defying the expectations of her wealthy parents to marry the ‘right’ man, she joins the FBI instead.

She may pay for that decision with her life.


Two murders, an undercover agent and a housewife.
Different cities, different weapons.
Related only by a medically-precise cut behind the ear and a calling card on the chest of each victim.


Mali delves into the case with Special Agent Jacob Black and, as the murders stack up with the same M.O., they make the chilling discovery that each murder is broadcast on social media . . . the public loves it and clamors for more!


When they discover the true reason behind the carnage, Mali begins to question her faith in humankind which is put to the ultimate test. Can she survive the pain, exhaustion, and terror she is about to face?

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