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Can a twenty year cold case be solved in four minutes of darkness?

Grace Strong was ten-years-old and living in Houston with her mom and grandma when she witnessed their shocking murder. Even though the bodies were taken, the case was classified as a robbery resulting in homicide. Their bodies were never found, nor was the killer.

Twenty years later, Grace moves back to the small town of Boerne, Texas, with her fourteen-year-old daughter, determined to find the answers. She believes she’ll find them where it all began, in the Texas Hill Country.

As Grace delves deeper into her past, with the help of local detective Ethan Marshall and her mom’s journal, somebody takes notice and will do anything to keep the truth from coming out. Will opening this door to her past give her the answers she seeks, or kill her?

Some doors should never be opened…

If you enjoyed books like "Gone Girl" and "The Girl on the Train," you won't be able to put down this gripping mystery/thriller.

DanceFever - 3D.png

Tragedy followed by a forced leave of absence, Agents Mali Hooper and Jacob Black go rogue to find a killer and justice.


FBI Tactical Intelligence Analyst Mali Hooper is enjoying life working on a task force in New York City with her fiancé, Jacob Black, and a team she considers family. When a tragedy leads them to a new case, they are immediately ordered to disengage. It’s a DEA matter. Unable to move on, Mali and Jake are forced to take a leave of absence.


But people, the most disturbing being children, are dying of a devastating epidemic, so Mali and Jake decide to take action on their own.


They find a chilling clue that sends them on a trajectory where there’s no way back:  Revancha




With the help of a few friends, including Jake’s Army buddies, they put their careers and lives on the line with an unauthorized operation. Can Mali and Jake stay a step ahead of the DEA and solve the case, without getting killed first?



If you like thrillers full of heart-stopping action, intrigue and mystery, that will have you cheering for the inimitable Mali Hooper, then this is the book for you.


Buy #DanceFever now, and don’t miss the explosive conclusion to the Mali Hooper Thriller trilogy.

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Chapter 1, Scene 1
Justice Prevails - 3D.png

Agent Mali Hooper is back, and the line between justice and revenge is blurred in a new case that will leave her at odds with her beliefs.


Mali is working with boyfriend and Special Agent, Jacob Black, on a sinister case where pedophiles and human traffickers, the most perverse members of society, are being brutally killed.


The person behind the murders, a woman calling herself Justitia, broadcasts the murders on social media and invites the public to participate. They love it and jump at the chance to be involved, feeling that justice is prevailing.


But is it?


Hot on the trail of Justitia, Mali and Jake use a new tool with questionable legal and ethical ramifications, not looking too closely at whether the ends justify the means. While the tool helps in unexpected ways, Justitia manages to stay one step ahead of them. She continually taunts Mali and the FBI for their inability to stop her, questioning why they would even do so given the service she is providing.


Mali begins to wonder why herself as her past collides with her present life. When her beliefs are put to the ultimate test, Mali must make a choice. In the end, will justice prevail?



Don’t miss this fast-paced thriller that will grab you and won’t let go!  Buy #JusticePrevails now!

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Chapter 1, Scene 1
HuntedLives - 3D.png

She’s out to prove herself, and believes two seemingly unrelated murders are tied to a serial killer. He believes her analysis was responsible for his friend’s death. Can these two FBI agents work together and find the killer?

Two murders, an undercover agent and a housewife.
Different cities, different weapons.
Related only by a medically-precise cut behind the ear and a calling card on the chest of each


And the killing has only just begun.

FBI Tactical Intelligence Analyst Mali Hooper delves into the case with Special Agent Jacob Black and, as the murders stack up with the same M.O., they make the chilling discovery that each murder is broadcast on social media. The public loves it and clamors for more!

When they discover the true reason behind the carnage, Mali begins to question her faith in humankind. That faith is put to the ultimate test. . .because the hunter now becomes the hunted.

BUY #HuntedLives now, and don’t miss the pulse-pounding action that will have you on the edge-of-your-seat from start to finish.

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Chapter 1, Scene 1

For the entire set (in digital format only) - $8.99

If you would like a signed copy of any or all of my books, please  contact me at

                 #HuntedLives -    $11.99 plus tax and S/H

                 #JusticePrevails - $13.85 plus tax and S/H

                 #DanceFever -      $12.93 plus tax and S/H

All books are on Amazon, digital and paperback formats.

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