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Book #4 Ready to Go

Four Minutes of Darkness, Book 1 in my new series called The Texas Hill Country Murders, is ready to go and will publish in a few short days on March 31st. The official launch is April 14th. (If you are curious about the difference between a publish date and a launch date, check out my blog on that very topic.)

When I started on this journey of writing, my goal was to publish a book. There was no other thought about what happens 'after' - the marketing, the promotions, the foray into audio recording, writing the next book, and learning every day. But it's all been amazing and fulfilling, and I am grateful to have come this far. There's still so much to do and to write about but I love challenges and I love being busy. So I'll start working on the outline for the 2nd book in this series very soon.

In the meantime, you can still pre-order the digital book for just $0.99 for a few more days (until the 31st) by clicking this link:

After that, the price increases to $2.99.

The paperback will be on sale for $12.99.

Stay tuned for a funny story that occurred when we moved to South Carolina. That's coming up next. :)

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