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Changes to Adding Categories

In June and August of 2021, I wrote a couple of posts about adding categories to your book so that readers can easily find it. I discussed why categories are important and ways to find and select your categories.

You used to be able to add up to 10 categories for your book by completing a form and sending it to Amazon. They'd make the updates and within a day or two, you'd see the changes and perhaps move up in the rankings (that's always the goal, right?).

Well, Amazon has recently changed the way they manage categories. Now, you can only choose 3 categories and you select them within Kindle Direct Publishing, where you create, manage, and publish your books. You go to the 'edit details' page and click 'Edit categories'.

The nice thing about this is that you don't have to type in the path to the category you want to select, the system easily helps you drill down with drop down lists.

But you only get to select three (3). Selecting the BEST three is critical, so you still need to research what categories are best.

If you want to learn more about this new way of selecting your categories, and how to research which categories might be best for your book, check out this article on Kindlepreneur (one of my favorite go-to places for information):

Take care and keep on writing!

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