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Pay It Forward

A few days ago, I talked about giving back in a variety of ways.

Today, I'm talking about paying it forward, equally as important and rewarding as giving back.

Has a stranger ever held a door open for you, bought you a cup of coffee, helped you with your groceries, held your child in his/her lap on an airplane so you could rest for bit?

Small acts of kindness can make someone's moment, hour, day, year. And the smile you get in return (usually), makes it all worthwhile.

They can also be big acts of kindness. We see it after a bad storm (hurricane or tornado) when strangers take their boats out in flooded waters to rescue others, when volunteers of the Red Cross Disaster Team converge and help for as long as it takes (leaving their lives behind to help others).

We see this every day with our police officers, fire fighters, EMTs, and military. They do things everyday to help the community - running into an active shooter situation or protecting someone who has been assaulted, running into a building that's on fire to save someone, performing CPR on a victim who had a heart attack, or fighting for our freedoms.

It should be second nature to help others, right? We are a community. Let's be kind to one another and pay those acts of kindness forward.

I challenge you to pay it forward to 3 strangers, then leave the above card behind, and maybe they'll do the same.

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