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A tagline is a hook, a way to grab a reader's attention and make them want to learn more about your book and buy it, or continue reading your book.

The first, also called an elevator pitch, is a catchphrase 1-3 sentences long. This type of hook is found on the book's detail page, at the top typically. It doesn't include any spoilers, of course, but it should be memorable and gripping.

It's easy to think of taglines for products - 'Just Do It' (Nike) and 'It's finger-lickin' good' (Kentucky Fried Chicken) are two examples.

Writing this kind of tagline, for me, is more difficult than writing the book. How could 1-3 simples sentences be more difficult than an entire book!?! Well, it has to be catchy, interesting, intriguing, and so gripping that the person reading it will immediately rush to buy the book. :)

Can you think of any catchy taglines of books you've read recently?

Would you want to read any of the books below based on the tagline?

* A picturesque town. A woman on the run. An undercover agent.

"The Cove" by Catherine Coulter

* Some doors are locked for a reason...

"The Locked Door" by Freida McFadden

* A chilling past. A deadly obsession. A race against time.

"Girl Left Behind" by C.J. Cross

* Some storms destroy. Others clear a path.

"Stone's Fury" by Mary Stone

The second type of tagline or hook serves the same purpose but is found on the first page of the book. It's the first thing readers read and can be a sentence, a paragraph, or an entire scene. The goal is for it to be so interesting that the reader feels he or she must continue reading to find out what happens.

Next time you're looking for a book to read, pay close attention to the tagline on the book page and notice if that has piqued your curiosity enough to read further. Then click the 'Look Inside' feature and read the first sentence, paragraph or scene. Does it make you want to buy the book? If not, why? What could make either hook better?

Just some food for thought today. Have a great day!

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