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What do you wish for?

Illusions, by Richard Bach

One of my all-time-favorite books is Illusions, by Richard Bach. It's not a long book, but the words in it are powerful. Richard wonders what would happen if he met a modern-day Messiah. What would he learn? How would others react?

It's a beautiful story with many snippets of wisdom, including the one above. Simple yet true. Sadly, the second part is often forgotten.

Wishes can be the start of something amazing and beautiful. Where would we be without our dreams and our wishes!?!

But they will remain dreams and wishes unless action and work is taken to make them reality.

Sometimes they are simple...I wish my husband would take me to dinner. Well, ask him or tell him you're going out and away you go. If money is an issue, dinner could be a fast-food joint or a picnic.

That brings up another point. Dreams and wishes need to be specific. In the above example, just saying you want to go to dinner, could mean a sandwich at a park. If you want something more extravagant or different, be more specific.

Other times, a dream or wish could be very involved and require a lot of work. I wish I could go to Europe on a vacation. Well, you may need to save money and that may take awhile. If that dream is a passion, maybe take a 2nd job and put that money toward the vacation. Perhaps cut out unnecessary purchases/expenses.

Some dreams/wishes aren't realistic and you shouldn't waste your time with them. I wish I was married to Brad Pitt. What's the likelihood of meeting him much less dating and marrying him? You can't control another person in your dreams no matter how hard you work.

Bottom line, wish and dream big but plan to work on them so you can make them a reality. You can do it!!

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