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Gratitude is the Attitude

I haven't written in awhile. No excuse really, busy as usual, but so is everyone else, right?

I'm writing today because our community (we live at a golf resort in Boerne called Tapatio Springs) is having the 2nd annual Swing Strong Golf Tournament to benefit Michael J. Fox's Parkinson foundation.

One of our resident golfers has Parkinsons disease and they started this tournament last year to honor him. He still plays golf, falls down frequently but just gets back up and continues playing. He's amazing!

Michael J. Fox is also incredible. In an interview, I heard him say that with gratitude, optimism is sustainable. What a profound statement.


Both of these men could be bitter. They could complain and cry 'why me?'. They could give up and sit at home in misery.

But they choose gratitude and forge on, living their best life possible. Wow!

We can learn from them and take that message to heart.

Whenever life seems too hard - maybe we're going through a health issue, maybe we are working a job we don't like, maybe our boss is a shit, maybe the kids are pulling us in 100 different directions and we feel overwhelmed, etc. - whenever it seems too hard, express gratitude. No matter how hard it is in the moment, someone else has it harder. So thank our good Lord... for the people in your life, for the flowers that are blooming, for your sweet dog,..whatever. There is always something for which to be grateful.

Gratitude is the attitude and will carry you far in life!

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