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Adding More Categories

In the last blog, we learned about Amazon Categories and the importance of selecting the correct categories for your book.

When you first add all the information to publish your book (title, book cover, categories, keywords, etc), you can add 2 basic categories. That's not enough...the more you can add, the better your chances of getting found.

There is a way to add up to 10 categories for each type of book you publish (Kindle, paperback, hard cover, audio). Listed below are the steps you need to add them.

Step 1: Log in to your Amazon Author Central page (

Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the 'Contact Us' link.

Step 3: Under 'How can we help?', select the 'Amazon Book Page' radio button

Step 4: Select the 'Update Amazon categories' link

Step 5: Complete the information and click the 'Send message' button


1) You'll need to send a message for each type of book you publish.

2) You can also remove categories. (If you already have 10 categories but you want to change a few, you HAVE to remove some as you add others.)

What you need:

1) Name of book

2) ASIN#

3) Full category string

You cannot give a partial string. For example, if you write thrillers and you want to select the category 'Vigilante Justice', you can't just say 'Kindle eBooks > Vigilante Justice'.

Navigate through the categories to get the full string.

So the full string is:

Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Mystery, Thriller & Suspense > Crime Fiction > Vigilante Justice

You usually get a response in 24 hours or so and the new categories take effect in roughly 48 hours. It takes some effort but it's totally worth it.

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