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Being Present, With Gratitude

Well, I've been terribly remiss writing in my blog...I am committed to doing better.

Have you ever looked back on your day, week, or year and wondered where the time has gone? The older I get, the more apparent that is to me. And the speed with which time began to fly by increased ten-fold when I retired. I often wonder how I got things done when I worked. :)

It's times when I reflect on how fast time passes that I realize how critical it is to be present, at all times. Tied to that is the importance of being grateful.

When you're having dinner, at work, exercising, or even in bed trying to go to sleep, do you think of the things you need to get done or should be doing instead of being present in the moment?

I'm guilty of that at times, especially at bedtime. Instead of emptying my mind so I can fall asleep, I am going over the day as well as thinking of everything I need to accomplish the next day. Or I think of different aspects of the 3rd book in the Mali Hooper Thriller series that I'm writing, and planning where the story is going. The point is that I'm not relaxing and letting my mind empty, so I'm not always getting a good night's rest.

I can learn a lot from my cats, Zena and Cy-Mon. They don't know any other way except to be present. They play hard and they rest with equal fervor. In fact, watching them helps me slow down and be present.

And when I am present, I actually get more done, and I feel that time is slowing down. I am grateful for that.

Is it easy for you to slow down and be present? Or do you find it to be a struggle? I hope that you take time for yourself, even as you are involved in your everyday life.

Here are a few pics of our cats...I hope they make you smile as they do me.

Until next time...

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