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Book Club Discussion

Yesterday, I had the honor and pleasure of talking with the lovely ladies of the San Diego (Texas) Book Club after they read my book, #HuntedLives. It was such fun to provide them with background about the book (how I came up with the idea, how long it took to write, did I start with an outline, how did I decide on the names, etc.), and to discuss the concerns we all share regarding social media and today's technology. I really enjoyed my time with them and appreciated all of their observations and thoughts about the book.

I want to thank Janie (Jaz) Lopez for inviting me. I am grateful to her and to all of the ladies (Olympia, Gracie, Elma, Maria, Veronica) for their time, their honesty, and their kindness. I look forward to talking with them again when the sequel comes out. :)

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