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Cascarones are hollowed-out chicken eggs filled with confetti.

I was first introduced to cascarones when I married my husband and we moved to Texas. Cascarones are a Texan Mexican tradition usually reserved for Easter, although they are also good fun during Fiesta Texas every spring. They're not sold year-round so I buy a lot during the season so we can enjoy them all year long.

Every year, I look forward to seeing my grocery cart filled with cartons of pre-made cascarones (I don't make them). When we moved back to Texas from Myrtle Beach, I started sending them to the sweet children of friends out of state so they can experience the delight of cracking a confetti egg on someone's head. This year, I bought 24 dozen, 6 for my grandchildren and the rest to mail!

It doesn't matter how old you are, the joy of running around, catching someone and showering them with confetti is a super cool feeling! By the time all eggs have been cracked, the lawn is littered in color, not to mention everyone's hair! So much fun...and there's nothing quite like the sound of a child's laughter.

It doesn't matter what kind of day you're having. If someone cracks a confetti egg on your head and colorful sprinkles are falling all around you like rain, you're going to smile and maybe even laugh.

I am grateful that these confetti eggs bring such joy and laughter to so many!

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