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Have you ever started something - a project, an exercise routine, cleaning the house, work, making dinner - but 'things' keep getting in the way?

There is a lot of truth in the above words.

It can be a daily, weekly, monthly struggle, even an hourly struggle. I speak from experience.

I am usually a very good manager of time. That was especially the case when I was working full time. Now that I'm retired, I often wonder how I got things done when I worked. I'm busier now, it's crazy! I love it, but I haven't yet mastered time management as well as when I was working.

When I feel distracted, I try a number of things, depending on what I was doing before getting distracted.

I don't get distracted too much when it comes to food and preparing a meal. (haha) But when I do, I turn on music and silence the phone.

I am easily distracted from cleaning. There are so many more interesting things to do! :) But if I put on some music with a good beat, I can fly through it in 2-3 hours.

When it comes to writing though, I can't listen to music. I silence the phone and stay away from social media, but I have to remove myself from the main part of the house and go into our bedroom (I have a small table by a window). I close the door and sit at the table, no one to interrupt me, nothing to get in the way of my writing. I also go to other places. For example, I'll go to our clubhouse and sit outside on the patio. There's nothing to do there but write and I can usually get a lot done in a short period of time.

Staying focused is the key. Do whatever is needed to keep the distractions at bay.

What do you do about distractions that are keeping you from accomplishing the things you want to achieve? Feel free to reply to this blog with some of the things you do to remain focused on the task at hand.

Go after your goals! You can achieve anything you set your mind to and stay focused on!

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