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God's Glory

2020 has been a strange and difficult year (to say the least). This year, perhaps more than other years, I have really looked around and noticed the beauty that surrounds us daily. Oh, I see it every day and even comment on how lovely the sunset is or how beautiful the Texas bluebonnets are. But this year is different. I have paused many times to gaze in joy at my grandkids laying in a field of bluebonnets or playing in the pool, to stare at the red barn I can see from my back patio and wonder which of God's creations live there, to watch my husband de-bone a chicken and feel gratitude that he is in my life, to watch the colors of the sunset splash across the sky slowly fading one by one until only the stars are visible.

God's glory surrounds us and I am comforted knowing that He is there, everywhere.

I am grateful everyday for the blessings that are bestowed upon me and my loved ones. Yes, there has been hardship and heartache, but I need only look around me to realize how fortunate I am.

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