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I Believe (3) - The Children are our Future

Whitney Houston's song, 'The Greatest Love of All', is an amazing song and it's packed with truth.

Children are indeed our future - our future leaders, future parents of our grandkids, future teachers and doctors, scientists and businessmen/women, get the idea.

It is our responsibility to protect them and to raise them with love, structure and discipline, and give them a sense of pride in, and respect for, themselves and the world around them. Children are beautiful and will rise to whatever bar we set for them. They can achieve anything, if they have confidence in themselves, have high self-esteem, and are willing to work hard.

I look at my six grandchildren - Parker, Holden, Camdyn, Quentin, Easton and Griffin - and I am grateful for each of them. They are beautiful, sweet (Parker and Holden might take exception to that-lol!), smart, and are growing up with self-confidence, each in their own way. Whenever we're with them, we tell them good things about themselves (whether congratulating them on good grades, giving praise for their successes in their respective sports, or by just telling them how grateful we are to have them in our lives). We try to lift them up so they see themselves as we see them. They are a blessing to us and we let them know it every chance we get.

Every child is a blessing who deserves love and joy in their lives.

When I'm in a grocery store or a restaurant (or anywhere else), if I see a child, I'll compliment them in some way. "What a pretty dress you're wearing." "I love your hair!" "Your smile is so nice." And I watch them puff up with pride as they give me a huge smile.

Let's lift up all children, together, and watch how they shine!

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