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Karma or Luck?

Have things ever happened in your life that just fell into place, like it was meant to be? Do you believe in karma/manifestation/fate, or is everything just luck? My husband and I are prior military so we're used to moving a lot. In 28 years of marriage, we've moved 10 times. We told our kids 'this is the last move' 3 houses ago. Needless to say, they don't believe us anymore. (LOL!) Well, we moved again. We had been living in Blanco for 4 years, in a house we built ourselves (Jose hired all the subcontractors, I bought everything), and in a neighborhood we loved. We had thought of moving, even put the house on the market for about 3 weeks. We looked at some houses and even a beautiful condo in a sweet hill country town called Boerne, about an hour away from Blanco. Boerne is closer to our 3 youngest grandkids, our doctors, shops, grocery stores, etc, and yet it's still a small town in the hill country.

We took our house off the market when I received my cancer diagnosis, deciding to relax and handle the cancer and stay in a place that we loved.

The week before my surgery, there was a knock on our door from a lovely couple who wanted to buy our house. That started the ball rolling and here we are now in Boerne. Every detail about the sale of our house in Blanco and the purchase of the condo in Boerne fell into place. There were no hiccups, no problems.

When things fall into place like that, we listen. We've been in the condo for almost a week and can't believe the beauty that surrounds us, the amazing amenities that are available to us living in a resort community, and the ease of getting to stores and everything.

While we will miss our friends in Blanco, we know we'll see them again.

This was the right move for us. I'm grateful for the way this came about and for the new friends we have made during this process.

Life is amazing and wonderful and oh-so-good!

I hope that the roads you choose in your journey through life are filled with excitement, adventure, love, and perhaps a little bit of discomfort now and then (that's when we grow the most).

Blessings to you, today and always!

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