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Let it Snow!

God's beauty is all around us every day and yesterday was no exception. It snowed in Blanco, a rarity, and not just a dusting. We had enough for snow angels, snow fights, and catching snow on our tongues! And I love sitting by a warm fire watching those fat, fluffy flakes drift to the ground (our snowstorm was a gentle one not a beating, angry one).

The peace and serenity that accompanies a snowfall is unmatched in my opinion. When you venture outside during a snowstorm, it's silent. No birds chirping, no animals moving around, just quiet, a quiet that can seep into your soul. Eventually, of course, cars start moving around and snow blowing machines get to work. But in those initial moments, silence. It's beautiful.

I grew up in the Sierra foothills of California and we had snow every year. I loved it growing up, especially the snow days! We'd go sledding or skiing, or just have snowball fights chasing each other for hours. However, I have to say that I did not enjoy learning to drive in the snow. I was a junior in high school and my first attempt landed me in a ditch not too far from our house. Naturally, who should happen to drive by? Some high school boys, of course. So embarrassing, although we were happy for their help. I would not drive anymore that day, however, despite Mom encouraging me to keep going. No way! :)

I lived in Largo, MD, and worked at Ft McNair in Washington D.C. for 4 years when I was in the Navy. I loved my job there, I was the Logistics Officers at the Inter-American Defense College. Living close to the Smithsonian museums and all of the monuments, and being able to explore them whenever I wanted, was a treat I will always treasure. The only thing I did not like about living there was driving in the snow. I never landed in any ditches although I was in one minor accident in the four years I lived there (not my fault). Every drive was a stressful one.

Blanco is a wonderful place to live and has just the right amount of snow.

For those who have never lived in the snow or have never seen snow fall, add it to your bucket list. It's magical, it's beautiful, and it's a gentle reminder of the good that's around us and in us.

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