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Moving Forward with Audio Books

Hello friends!

I spoke about putting the Mali Hooper Thriller trilogy on audio last can read the pros and cons and other details in the blog. It certainly makes sense so I've decided to do it. And I plan to record the books myself.

I've been working with a trainer/mentor specifically for audio recording. It's not a simple matter of hitting the record button on your phone. You need the proper equipment - dynamic microphone, pop filter, microphone stand, and monitor headphones. You also need the right software and a good location for recording.

There are 2 kinds of microphones, dynamic and condenser. A condenser microphone is more sensitive to sound and can pick up sound from multiple directions. A dynamic microphone, on the other hand, can handle sounds better without distorting the audio. They are less sensitive to background noises, critical when recording audio. So a DYNAMIC microphone is essential.

A pop filter is a mesh screen that sits in front of the microphone. When recording harsh letters like 'p' or 'k,' a pop filter helps to soften the sound. It smooths out the audio and makes it more polished.

Monitor headphones are quality headphones that reproduce sound as close to the original recording as possible. Hearing the original sound is helpful during recording AND editing.

A microphone stand is important because the microphone needs to be at the same height as my mouth. I shouldn't speak down into the mic, for example.

Audacity is the name of the free recording software. It has full editing capabilities, among other things.

When you don't have a professional recording studio, you need to create one. It has to be quiet, so recording in your bathroom or in a room with tall ceilings is out because of the echo factor. You also shouldn't record by a window because outside sounds can be picked up. Check the pictures below for a look at my 'studio.'

Before I really hit it hard with recording, I will record 2 minutes worth of my book and send it to my mentor. He will analyze it and let me know what I need to correct. I look forward to his feedback. I'm sure it will be interesting and helpful. :)

Needless to say, I am excited about getting started and working hard to get 'er done. #HuntedLives will be the most time-consuming because I'll be getting comfortable with the entire process. But I hope to have all of them completed and published no later than this fall. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

(Yep, my studio is in my closet. As you can see, clothes are behind me to help buffer sound. The closet is small and it's in the middle of the condo, not next to any outer walls. I can stand comfortably (standing is important for proper breathing and speaking), and I should be able to work in 2-3hr blocks. You can see the pop filter in front of the mic, in case you were wondering what it looked like.)

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