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My Heart is Full

We recently went into San Antonio to watch our younger grandsons play ball.

Quentin, age 10, is playing full-on baseball now. What I mean by that is that they keep score, a team member pitches, and they have to get 3 outs to switch to being at-bat. Easton and Griffin, the twins at 6 yrs of age, are playing t-ball. Both boys have been hitting at home with the their older brother for a couple of years. So to step up to a ball sitting on a stand is very easy for them. Easton was out sick but Griffin played, and he really whacked the ball! They are fortunate to have Quentin for the big brother. He is a great mentor.

On this particular day, the games were being played at the same time. So we had to walk back and forth between them to watch each grandkid play.

But before the games started, Griffin handed me this heart. When I asked what it was for, he didn't answer, he just smiled.

I opened it up to find this sweet message inside...

This gift from the heart was unexpected and such a thrill.

My heart melted. Those boys are so sweet.

I later asked my daughter-in-law what the card was for...she said they made it for Valentine's Day and put it on top of the microwave, a safe place where it wouldn't get lost or ruined. She had only just found it and sent it with them to the game. What a treat for me!

Every day, I count my blessings and thank the good Lord for the amazing people in my life.

My heart is full!

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