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Who Inspires You?

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

There are many people who inspire me. It could be at different times of the decade, year, or even different times of the day.

Today, I want to talk about how my grandkids have inspired me, at various times.

My two oldest grandsons, Parker and Holden (18 and 15, respectively), were an inspiration for my book, #HuntedLives. Watching them play their app games, they were very patient with me in explaining what they were doing or trying to do. Their fingers flew over the controls, manipulating their characters to shoot this critter or move that way. And their! Totally zoned in on what they were doing. Their ability to quickly become adept at something new is inspiring. Not to mention the fact that they planted the seeds for the basis of my book.

Cami, my only granddaughter, is 12, very smart, and her confidence grows as she learns more. I spent a lot of time with her reading Nancy Drew. She had a hard time at first and would get frustrated...but she kept going. She is also learning Tang Soo Do and keeps at it, overcoming her fear of breaking boards to advance to the next levels. And she is riding a horse for the first time, despite her initial fear. I am inspired by her persistence and willingness to try new things.

Quentin, now 10, has an amazing love of life. He is adventurous and tries new things with no hesitation. He works hard to improve himself, whether in karate, swimming, school, or anything else. He loves to win (who doesn't?) but is gracious if he loses. He doesn't give up. If he loses, he just works that much harder to do better next time. Q is a powerhouse with a presence that is unmatched in people twice as tall as he is. His adventurous spirit and zest for life are so inspiring.

Easton and Griffin, the twins (Q is standing between them), at 6 are coming into their own. They love to play and go at it full-throttle for hours. They like games, too, and it constantly amazes me how quickly they can learn them! They are joyous boys, very active, also adventurous like their older brother, who enjoy cooking and baking. Their eyes are full of wonder as they learn more about the world around them and explore all it has to offer. Their sense of wonder and pure joy is inspirational.

This Grammy loves her grandkids, and is very blessed and always inspired!

Who inspires you?

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