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Summer Vacation

It dawned on me that since the last time I posted, we have gone on a 9-night cruise out of Rome in May, and we are now visiting my step mom in Arizona.

I usually don't 'count' visiting family as a vacation since we usually traipse from one friend or family member to another (having a wonderful time, mind you), often helping out around the house or with finances, and various other things. I love visiting each and every one, and we always have fun, but it's not really a time to recharge my batteries.

Our cruise was amazing! We went to Naples, (Italy) Santorini, Mykonos and Athens (Greece), Kusadasi and Ephesus (Turkey), and Crete (Greece). Such beauty in those places. Our favorite place was Turkey and Ephesus. The architecture (and how they painstakingly restored it) is stunning.

I'm excited to say that the final book in the Mali Hooper Thriller Trilogy was completed while on the cruise. I am now in edit mode and on target to publish in September! Very exciting!

A few days ago, we drove from Boerne, Texas, to Peoria, Arizona. Whenever we hop in the car to go somewhere, we like to get there with as few stops as possible. It took us 13 1/2 hours...and our 2 cats came with us. It was their first road trip.

Cy-Mon, our seal point Siamese, drooled like a St Bernard the first 2 hours (poor guy). He finally crawled onto my husband's lap and fell asleep. He stopped drooling when he woke up and was fine the rest of the trip. Our snowshoe Siamese, Zena, was quiet and stayed on my lap about half the time. But she didn't sleep and she didn't wander around like Cy-Mon did. Finally, with about 3 hours left, she relaxed enough to sleep. They were troopers! We're here for a week then we'll head home.

More outings in July and September that I'll talk about later. :)

What do you do for vacation? And what are your plans for the summer?

Whatever you do, whether traveling somewhere or enjoying a staycation, take care, be safe, and have fun!

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