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Time to Recharge Those Batteries

I've always been a firm believer that vacations are needed. We work hard day in and day out, at home and at our workplace. Weekends are great but are usually spent running around taking the kids to and fro, cleaning house, doing the laundry, buy groceries and, in general, getting ready for the upcoming week. We live in such a fast world today that slowing down once in awhile is important.

Going on vacation doesn't necessarily mean spending a lot of money. In the earlier days of our marriage, we camped a lot. We started out sleeping in the tent on the ground in our sleeping bags. That didn't last long for me. So we upgraded to two cots (that were actually quite comfy) and I put sheets and blankets on them. From there, we improved to a queen-size blow up mattress...definitely the most comfy of all options to date.

We spent time camping at Canyon Lake as well as North Padre Beach, just outside of Corpus Christi. North Padre was fun because it's the one place where you can drive your vehicle onto the sand. We'd usually set up on the driving side closest to where the bathrooms were. I enjoy the beach, really I do, but it would be so much more enjoyable and I would spend more time there if it wasn't quite so sandy. (LOL)

Needless to say, camping went by the wayside a dozen or so years back. I'm getting too old and much prefer at least a few creature comforts.

A week ago, we returned from a splurge vacation. We went on a cruise out of Ft Lauderdale, 7 nights on a massive ship called the Wonder of the Seas (it's the bigger ship in the picture below). That ship had everything on it - 5 pools, 5 hot tubs, 4 water slides and 1 dry slide (you slide down 10 stories on a blanket!), an ice skating rink, putt putt golf, 2 rock walls, 25 restaurants (12 of them complimentary), a sports court for basketball, pickleball, soccer, and dodge ball, a running track and amazing fitness center, spa, ping pong, shuffle board, 10 bars and lounges, a casino, a boardwalk area with a full-size carousel, a central park with real trees and plants, a splash zone for the little ones, shows every night with singers, comedians, and a magician, the list goes on. There was something for everyone and you could be extremely busy or just chill on a lounger. We went to a show every night, exercised every day and relaxed in the hot tub afterwards, and enjoyed just walking around the ship. It was delightful and a great way to recharge.

However busy you are, take time away to do something or to do nothing, whether you spend a few bucks or a lot more. Refresh yourself and recharge those batteries!

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