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Travel is in my Blood

Do you like to travel? If yes, domestically or internationally?

I LOVE to travel! It's in my blood. I started at a very young age when my dad began working for the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in 1967. He was sent to Vietnam and, since it was during the war, families could not live in Saigon or anywhere in Vietnam. So most families moved to Manila, Philippines, to be closer to those working in Vietnam. My mom, sister, and I did just that in 1968 and Dad would visit us every month or so. The Philippines is a beautiful country and we explored places like Baguio when we weren't attending school.

We returned to California in 1969 when my parents decided to divorce. But the travel bug definitely had bitten me. Fortunately, my sister and I spent summers with Dad wherever he was living - Kenya, Nepal, Yemen, more of the Philippines, Somalia, to name a few (I have stories to tell about those places...future blogs).

Traveling has been a huge part of my life. That didn't change when I married my husband. He was in the Army and we immediately went to Japan for 3 years (LOVED it there, the most gracious people I've ever met). Through the years, we continue to explore and learn about different cultures, enjoying the beauty of the world.

This summer, we decided to travel within our amazing country. We're spending a month traveling through South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. Wow! What a beautiful country we live in (I've always felt that way)! How lucky are we to have amazing national parks that preserve the beauty and protect our lands and wild animals.

Below are a few pictures of the first part of our trip. The first and last pictures are the Badlands and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. The two middle pictures were taken in Montana - the mustard seed field and barn were taken when we were driving to Kalispell and the lake is Saint Mary's lake in Glacier National Park. Enjoy!

If you have a chance to explore the northern part of our country, I'd highly recommend SD and MT. And I'd love to hear some of your travel stories (favorite place, best food, lovely scenery,...).

Cheers and God bless!

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