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Who or what is in your life today? Why?

Another quote from Illusions, by Richard Bach.

In the book, Don (the messiah) talks about people being like magnets...we can attract to us whatever we want to attract.

It's also called manifestation. When we consciously think of what we want, we draw it to us. We can learn and grow from what we draw to us. We can turn in new directions as a result of what we've drawn to us. Or we can realize that what we've drawn to us is not what we want or need, and we can let it go.

But manifestation takes care and precision. If you want to draw something to you, be specific and detailed. Hold the specifics in your mind for a short period of time, then let it go out into the cosmos. Continue on with your life, knowing that whatever you are manifesting is making its way to you.

Two early examples for me:

When it was time to plan for college and decide where to go, I knew I wanted to go to Cal Poly, in San Luis Obispo. I didn't want to go anywhere else. My desired major at that time was Civil Engineering. I knew I had the grades but Cal Poly was a very difficult college to get into and the CE program was impacted. I spent time visualizing myself walking through the Cal Poly campus and attending courses, going to the campus dining facility to eat, living in the dorms on campus. And then I sent it to the cosmos. I sent in my application (not applying anywhere else) and was accepted. So amazing!

However, I soon realized that Civil Engineering was not for me and spent 2 quarters of my freshman year taking GE courses in areas that I thought I'd like. (the labs were waaaaay too long!). (I love math but not that kind). Then I took a business class that involved programming. I LOVED IT! We used Cobol to create programs for business issues. I suddenly knew what I wanted to study, Computer Science. I immediately went to the Dean of the department and said, 'Here I am,' as if he'd jump for joy and accept me into the program. He did not. He told me the program was impacted and he was sorry but couldn't accept me into the program. I left his office in tears. After the tears dried, I started to visualize being in the program, what it would feel like and the things I'd study. A week later, I went back to the Dean's office and told him I really wanted to be in the program and asked him what I had to do to get in. He told to take 3 specific computer classes and if I got A's in all of them, he'd accept me into the program. I worked hard the next quarter, showed my commitment and determination, got all A's, and was accepted into the program.

I've used manifestation throughout my life. Some of those who I've drawn to me throughout the years have stayed, others have stayed for just awhile before I let them go. The people, the events in my life...I've learned from all, have appreciated it all, and am grateful for the paths I've taken as a result.

Who or what is in your life today? Was it a surprise or did you consciously manifest them? Are you learning from those people or events?

Interesting things to think about once in awhile, right?

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