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Book Titles - What's in a name?

Selecting a book title can be easy, or extremely difficult. You may think you have a great name...but will it generate sales?

There are all sorts of websites to help you decide on a title for your book:

* - runs through a very long list of ideas to try to hone your thoughts until you come up with a perfect title. There's definitely merit to stepping through each of these ideas, especially if you have no clue what to name your book.

* - focuses on getting data/feedback from people and making a decision based on that data. If you have 6 or 8 titles you're playing around with, this site gives you various methods of testing them out to determine which title will sell more books.

The list of websites offering advice is near endless. :)

I never used any of those websites but my primary goal, initially, was to publish a book. I wasn't thinking of sales specifically (I still don't...I don't write to sell, I write because I love writing).

I knew what the title of my books, #HuntedLives and #JusticePrevails, would be right from the start. The titles 'fit' the book and what they were about, at least to me they did.

The basic elements that make a good title, seen in the image below, are common to most of those websites.

While I never consciously used the above elements when deciding my book titles, never knew about them until recently, I've always tried to make my titles relevant to the story and intriguing. Looking back, I think they've also been paired to the genre (that's a harder one to assess). Whether they have been discoverable is more difficult to determine.

The 3rd book in the Mali Hooper Thriller series is underway but deciding on a title has been elusive. The working title I've used up until now, #Survivor, never really fit.

I have finally figured out the right and best title for the 3rd book. It's intriguing and relevant to the story. I think it pairs with the thriller genre and hopefully, it will be discoverable (time will tell on that one).

I'm really happy with my choice. The final title for the 3rd book is ...

You didn't really think I'd tell you, did you? It's too early to reveal. Suffice it to say, I think you'll like the title as well. :)

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