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Interview with The Author Show

I had an interview with The Author Show podcast and it dropped yesterday. I felt really good during the interview, very comfortable with the hostess, and we had a great discussion.

I thought our discussion was going to be about my most recent book, #DanceFever, and I felt like I was prepared (better than my last podcast interview).

* I listened to multiple podcasts to get an idea of the questions that might be asked.

* I wrote down the topics I wanted to be sure to weave into the interview in some way.

* I was told, in advance, that I would be asked to read a 2min part of the book so I decided what I wanted to read, practiced in advance, and opened the book on my computer so I could read from that instead turning the pages of a paperback.

And then things changed... When we chatted prior to the start of recording, she told me she wanted to talk about #HuntedLives since that was the 1st book in the series. Made sense but I had prepared for #DanceFever. :)

I asked her for a moment to find and open the document on the computer and decided to just read from the beginning for my 2min segment. Listening to the podcasts still prepared me for questions about the book. I didn't write down topics I wanted to make sure I discussed but that ended up being a non-issue.

Whew! And I was still relaxed and had fun. Go figure.

I definitely feel like I'm getting better, although I may not be the best judge (haha). Hopefully, you'll feel the same way about my interview, you'll have to let me know. ;) The podcast will be posted on my website under a new tab in the next day or so. Be sure to check it out.

Have you ever had to give an interview on whatever topic? Were you nervous? Did it go the way you wanted/hoped? Were you able to prepare in advance and do you feel like you prepared enough? Did you feel comfortable with the it, and were you happy with the results?

I'd love to hear about your experiences.

I definitely believe the adage, 'practice makes perfect,' and I'm already looking forward to my next interview. :)

Enjoy your day and thanks for tuning in.

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